We got approval from Ocwen! It expires May 26. The offer has been with the second lien holder citi for 2 mths. What's the chance of approval from citi before the Ocwen one expires???

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There is not enough information to make an educated guess here. What is the 2nd pending to make a decision?

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I would press the 2nd hard and let them know you need a decision ASAP. Usually they'll step up their review if they think the 1st approval is in jeopardy. Escalate. 

I was told by the lawyer yesterday that they are doing a analysis and that's what we are waiting for. She emailed the supervisor and hasn't heard back yet. She said it will get approved eventfully. But my concern is the 1st bank. She said they should have given more wiggle time. They gave 3 months!!! She said that Citi was very slow but the are now picking up speed. So annoying!



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