Would like feedback from anyone who is or has worked with these as short sale negotiators. Good, bad, indifferent?

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Michael Patton with Keller Williams in Las Vegas recently referred me to them. I spoke with the owner today on the phone, Zach Roberts, I think I'll be referring to them any Equator bound short sale from now on. They want to charge the seller $995 up front & then try to negotiate a higher fee paid by the bank, not by us agents or contributions from buyers. That sounds good.

I need to get over the hurdle of the seller not wanting to pay an attorney anything, they view all attorneys as charging and not doing anything to solve a problem. As I get working with Paladin on other SS files I can keep you posted.

maybe you can let me know your experiences too.
Thanks, Emily, for your reply. I was beginning to wonder if anyone had actually worked with them. Do you have an email for Mike Patton? Would like to chat briefly on his experiences. Decent negotiators are hard to find and frankly I like the iron fist in the velvet glove a legal firm can offer.

With so much bluff, fluff and puff out there in the loss mitigation field would like to establish a lsit of any national or local negotiators people are using.



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