I have completed the package 2 months ago, Green Tree has the contract and all the sellers financials. I am unsure how to properly request they escalate this file. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I just called and spoke to one of the managers. OMG she just totally cussed me out and told me I was waisting her time!!! And would not allow me to talk to her supervisor!! Any contact information for anyone over her head would be appreciated PLEASE. To be spoken to in that manner is uncalled for!!

I am also having a tough time getting cooperation from GT.  My file has been held up in collections for several months.  I was told by collections that the sale was cancelled, but with no explanation.  They then gave me a name (Brandon Hodnett) who is apparently my negotiator and said to contact him.  After 2 weeks of leaving him messages I've had Barb in cust. care leave him emails on my behalf...no luck whatsoever!  Any contact info for a supervisor or advice would be greatly appreciated.


The negotiator I had at GreenTree was a liar

I have the same problem with GreenTree. The account is charged off, they moved it from Recovery  dept to Short Sale dept. I had Lucinda working the file and she said the numbers looked fine and she will submit the file for approval. Few days later the file was assigned to Arthur Guerro which is one of the worst! BofA is giving them 8% and he's asking 30% of the balance for a full release! For a second I wasn't even sure if this was a joke or how did he come up with such a ridiculous number. I left messages to his supervisor and never heard back from him. After working the file so hard and getting the approval from Litigation dept at BofA to get stuck with GT! We have a deadline for the 23rd this month to close and I could probably get an extension from BofA.  

I closed 2 other deals with GT as 2nd and BofA 1st this year and got them to approve full release for 10% but this time this negotiator and his supervisor seems worst then all the other "smart" people working at GT. And Lucinda working at GT is a liar!!!

Any good contacts for escalation? Please help! 

Manager of Customer Service at Green Tree is:


[email protected]

Let them know that if you don't hear from them within x days or hours, that you plan to write a letter to Fannie or Freddie (if the loan is with them) and tell them of the violation of required response times of 30 days initial, and weekly updates after.


Gary Dunham

Keefe Real Estate

Lake Geneva, WI 53147

OK, so the customer service rep has a blackhole for voicemail - it either goes nowhere or asks for a password. Then I try to call the negotiator and his voicemail is full. GREENTREE is just a joke, apparently they aren't interested in doing shortsales. Does anyone know who I can contact to escalate?????

I am also working on a file with GT and am experiencing the same thing as many of you. The last comment here was dated back in November 2012. Does anyone have any more recent suggestions on how to actually get GT to respond?

The name of my contact at GT is Roberto A. Fernandez. 877-631-0572 ext 35285. I have not been able to find his supervisor.

Any help is most appreciated!




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