I have completed the package 2 months ago, Green Tree has the contract and all the sellers financials. I am unsure how to properly request they escalate this file. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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This is the million dollar question. The netter question is why do we keep listing GT short sales :)

Asking myself the same question LOL, My answer is that the sellers are such lovely people, military. GT was moving along at a snails pace but something has happened and the contract is stalled and can't even get anyone to answer the phone now. UGH

Oy, what a mess GT is.  My file sat for 2 months until my negotiator told me she was never trained to do short sales and neither was her whole team.  She didn't even recogize what the sales contract was.  I escalated to her supervisor who never returned my calls.  Finally, my business partner just closed one with GT and he gave me the supervisor's name he worked with and this guy called my supervisor chick and gave her some SH*T.  Let's see what happens NOW.  What a joke.  I won't list GT short sales again.

Finally got the short sale approved through Green Tree, It was horrible, they blamed Fannie Mae for the hold up. Now I have a 2nd with BOA and although I attempted to contact them (VA) no equator, I had no response so I thought perhaps GT would negotiate with BOA on the 2nd, nope.. GT says they are done and now I have a BOA mountain to climb. UGH 

Just a follow up here- I escalated to the short sale dept supervisor, let him know his own employee told me she has no idea how to handle short sales.  I said if needed I would report back to BofA what was happening, I got approval with waiver of deficiency within 24 hours.

Hi Donna,


Ask Tammi or whoever answers in customer service for the contact info for Richard (supervisor of short sale dept.)  I don't have his number with me, but on several GT files I escalated to him and everything was resolved in 24 hours.  If you like I can send you his info if you give me your email.  Good luck, Wendy

Hi Wendy, do you mind providing me Richard's contact info?  My file with GreenTree is not moving and it's been 3 months now. The approval letter from the 1st lender is expiring end of this week. They are only going to extend one more month. Would really appreciate your help. My email is [email protected]  Thank you! :)

I would also appreciate his contact information.   Thanks

Hi Wendy

Do you still have the contact info for Richard (supervisor of short sale dept) for Green Tree?   I have a file that has been with them for 2 months and cannot seem to get anyone to get this file assigned.  My email is [email protected].  Thanks in advance for you time. 

Hi Wendy,

I realize this is an older post but had same situation. Another rep admitted to me that my file should not have sat for as long as it did and that my handler was new. When i ask for manager i get transferred until someone just hangs up. Really a shame since our paperwork was as clean as could be. Any idea whether Richard is still at Green Tree? My gut tells me managers have a short shelf life at GT. 

Thank you

Sorry...my e-mail is [email protected]

I called Green Tree and was told that on a Fannie Mae loan with PMI, their process takes about 90 days. Is this true? Also, after short sale approval is received, the buyer has about 2 weeks to close. Has anyone had this experience? Does Green Tree actually close short sales? How can I proceed knowing that we are looking at a process like this?



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