Just got this email......

We are excited to announce that Altisource®, a premier marketplace and transaction solutions provider for the real estate, mortgage and consumer debt industries, has announced it will acquire Equator. We expect to close within 30 days.

What does this mean for our agent network? Equator will not be changing our name, our offices or our management team. There will be no changes in the way you transact business today. In the near future, we will be even better equipped to provide you with value added services, technology and relationships. Equator and Altisource have a highly complementary set of technologies and services which will enable us to provide a more comprehensive, integrated solution and build new products and services to better support your business.

We are excited to launch this next phase of our company and our agent network, and are deeply grateful for your ongoing support. You can continue to look to us to provide you with the same great service and technologies you have come to expect from Equator.

Please feel free to contact us personally should you have any questions.

Christopher Saitta
Chief Executive Officer
John Vella
Chief Operations Officer

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Oh God, eventually OCWEN will own everything.  If you've ever used the Altisource platform then you already know Equator is headed for the boneyard where nothing ever gets fixed. What a shame.

wendy I agree with you 100%

Hopefully Altisource will scrap their pathetic system and use equator but I would not count on it.  The worst transactions I have been involved in were on HUBZU and Altisource was the title company.  By far the worst

Altisource also owns the brokerage that lists the properties on HUBZU for their REO.  Realhome services and solutions is a brokerage that is owned by Altisource. 

Title Secretary 

Schneiderman, F. Brian2002 Summit Boulevard, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30319

Title President 

Webb, Christian D.2002 Summit Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Office 3083
Atlanta, GA 30319

Title Treasurer 

Barrack, John P.2002 Summit Boulevard, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30319

Brian Schneiderman

Associate General Counsel, U.S. at Altisource Portfolio Solutions


Time to start chasing equity sales and new construction. Soon all short sale will have to go to auction.

Bryant, already in the works... Started an aggressive radio campaign and got 2.5 Million in equity listing leads in 10 days.  Will most likely list all of them!  BTW 2x my avg sales price.  

What is an Equity Listing?

and now...all files you have through Equator will have to be listed on hubzu....I'm sure that announcement will be coming down the pipeline soon.  :/

Bryant, Please expand on your all short sales will go to auction thought...I am about to have a heart attack.  Short sales are still 75% of our business here in Portland, OR.  Also, if a seller wants to do a short sale, who says they HAVE to go to an auction site as well?

Wendy it is already starting, most lenders are now using auctions to dispose of their foreclosures and when you peel the layers back, guess who owns most of the auction companies?  It is their way of getting into the real estate market.  The lenders will say that the auction site is the place they work their short sales

Jeff, Is there no protection for the homeowner who signs a contract to do a short sale, not auction?  I have not run into any auction stuff and we close a lot of short sales.

Wendy there should be protection.  The banks will try to strong arm agents into using their auction companies.  Keep in mind that I am in Florida.... Florida and California tend to lead the way with these things



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